Results are up!

A huge thank you goes out to our volunteers. Seth and Lindsay on timing, Jeremy on first-aid, and Sara and Savannah at the aid station.

Thanks to all the racers that came out to enjoy a tough weekend of racing. We hope you had fun and hope to see you again next year.

The Inaugural Two Moon 24!
Sat., Sept. 23rd to Sun., Sept. 24th, 2017
Glendo State Park, Wyoming.

Registration is closed. See you at the race.

There is a fire ban in the park. Make sure to bring a cook stove and lots of warm clothes.

24 hour racing is coming to Glendo in 2017! Join the Laramie Racing crew (LMBS, Gowdy Grinder) for Wyoming's only 24 hour mountain bike race. Get a group of your most adventurous friends together for a relay team, and come enjoy some challenging trails. The course starts in the Two Moon Campground at the high point of 4800'. Two nice grinds per lap totaling almost 1300' of climbing will keep you honest, while a couple of fun descents will keep you smiling. An on-course aid station from Fat Fish Racing will give you a place to top off your bottles before you attempt the ascent up 91 Gigawatt.

While you're waiting for your teammates to ride, you can hang out in the campground with amenities like 4G service, bathrooms, and running water, which is all pretty fancy for a 24-hour race. Kids can fill the void of a parent's absence at the playground or pump track while you're out "enjoying" your time on course. Entry fees include a breakfast on Sunday morning to help get you through the last few hours of the race.

Friends and family at home can follow along with live online results which update every five minutes throughout the race.

If you are considering racing solo, please be sure to read the course page before sigining up.

nat@laramieracing.com for more info or questions

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